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Rug Cleaning Evanston

All property owners in Evanston have to invest in rug cleaning from time to time. The only difference would be how frequently you would need rug cleaning and that shall depend on a number of various factors. What type of rug you have, its physical and cosmetic attributes, what kind of impact the rug sustains over a period of time and how well you maintain your home in general. These are some of the causal factors that determine the frequency of rug cleaning.

The Need For Professional Rug Cleaning

Rugs and carpets are often considered to be synonymous. They are actually not the same thing. Many property owners in Evanston consider professional carpet cleaning but often choose to clean their rugs without any professional help. That is not the wisest of choices you can make.

Rugs are smaller than carpets, often catering to a particular area and they don’t stretch from one end of the floor to another. Rugs are not fastened to the floors and are thus easily removable and portable. Such attributes may make you feel that you can attend to rug cleaning. But you have to bear one thing in mind. Rugs may be made of the same material as carpets and they may be designed in the same way for similar purposes but rugs are actually more sensitive than carpets.

Rug cleaning requires gentle handling and very easy treatment. Rugs don’t have the resistance capacity that carpets have. You will notice that rugs are often lighter and slimmer than carpets. Thus, you cannot have the same approach to rug cleaning as you have for carpet cleaning. Besides, you cannot be hard on your rugs while cleaning them.

Organic Rug Cleaning By Carpet Cleaning Evanston

At Carpet Cleaning Evanston, we know carpets, rugs and upholstery. We have studied all materials that are used, the various types of textures, patterns, designs and blends of different fibers. We know the kind of challenges your rugs will endure and we specialize in organic rug cleaning.

When we attend to your rugs, they would not only be cleaned spotlessly and shall retain their original form, texture and splendor, but they would also be cleaned in an environment friendly manner. No toxic chemicals or hazardous materials are used in our methods of rug cleaning. All our cleaning agents are organic and all our methods are green or environment friendly.

Other than being good for the environment, organic products used in rug cleaning are better for you. With chemicals and toxic cleaning agents, your rugs would be damaged over time and your home would also have to suffer the emissions from the rugs. With organic products, your rug can retain its splendor without any harm to its longevity and your property would be safer without the emissions and quaint odor that are leftover by the chemicals typically used for rug cleaning.


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